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100% free of animal ingredients

Vegafit believes in plantbased food. Because it’s tasty, and healthy. But also because plantbased food puts less strain on our planet’s resources and – last but not least – because it’s animal friendly. Now that tastes good!

Vegafit products are 100% plantbased. That makes our range perfect not just for flexitarians and vegetarians, but also for people who prefer not to use or eat any animal products at all: vegans. The difference between vegetarian and vegan is that there is no animal protein used in vegan products. Our sophisticated recipes ensure not only flavour, but a firm structure and a satisfying bite.

For vegan products we replace chicken egg protein with potato protein for a beautiful structure. A long process has preceded to develop something that has both a good binding structure and a good taste. Since then, the demand from Germany for our vegan range has increased explosively. Although Germany is originally a carnivorous country, the young generation opposes meat and deliberately chooses non-animal products. The demand for 100% plant products will also increase in the United Kingdom.

Our range of 100% plant products is very extensive. Easy to prepare, perfect for a fast dinner.

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