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Our Story

Our story begins at a market in Germany, more than 25 years ago. Selling vegetarian meatballs out of a food truck turned out to be a great success, and Vegafit was born. Vegafit was the first brand in Germany selling plant based meat-replacements. Since then, the demand for plant-based products has continued to grow; and Vegafit as well.

100% plantbased

Palmoil free

Recycled packaging

Why choose Vegafit?

Our mission, the reason behind selling our products, is to surprise people with the incredible taste of plant-based. A lot of people don’t expect vegetarian or vegan products to taste this good. We believe in a world with more plant-based food, because it’s delicious & healthy, but also because it is earth- & animal friendly.

100% Plant based

All Vegafit products are 100% plant based. This means that no ingredients from animal origin are used in our products.

Vegafit has a wide range of vegan products. Click here to check out our range!

Sustainability: Palm oil free & Recyclable packaging

Vegafit attaches great importance to sustainability. Sustainability is taken into account at every step in the production of our plant-based products. For example, we save on natural gas, water, and oil. We use an environmentally friendly refrigerant, combat food waste and select the suppliers of our machines as local as possible.

The raw materials used to make Vegafit products are also purchased as local as possible. An important raw material of Vegafit is our wheat protein, which comes from the Netherlands and Germany.

The trays we use for packaging are made from 100% recyclable mono-material. This is the most sustainable option for packaging our products.

In addition, all our products are palm oil free. Vegafit was the first company to receive a palm oil-free certificate from the Go Palm Oil Free Foundation. Due to the clearing of the rainforest to create palm oil plantations, the production of palm oil has a major impact on the rainforest and the animals that live in it.

Nutritional value

We find it important that our products contain nutrients that fit into a balanced diet. Plants are a source of all nutrients a person needs, with the exception of vitamin B12. Because our products are 100% plant-based, we made sure that vitamin B12 is added to the recipe.

People who eat a lot of plant-based products can sometimes suffer from a zinc and/or iron deficiency. That is why we added these nutrients to a part of our products.

Proteins are an important nutrient for your body. On average, our diet contains more protein than we need. Occasionally eating no meat or less meat is perfectly fine. Our products are a full-fledged alternative to meat, so Vegafit products also contain enough protein for people who never eat meat.