Meatloaves with puff pastry

Meatloaves with puff pastry

Recipe and picture by Renee Middelveen from Soy’nCherry –

Ingredients (for 6 sandwiches):

– 1 pack of Vegafit Mince Patty or Burger

– 6 slices of vegan puff pastry

– 2 cloves of garlic

– 1 red onion

– 100 g mushrooms

– 2 x handful of spinach

– ½ red pepper

– tsp paprika powder

– pinch of nutmeg

– dash of maggi

– salt and pepper

– a very small amount of soy milk

Preparation method:

Let the puff pastry slices thaw according to the instructions on the package. Preheat the oven to 200°C (or gas oven setting). Slice the red onion, the mushrooms, the bell pepper and the two Mince Patties or Burgers into pieces.

Put a splash of water in a pan (instead of oil), put on the heat and wait until the pan is hot. Fry the onion, mushroom and bell pepper until soft. Squeeze two cloves of garlic over the vegetables. Add the Mince Patty or Burger pieces, the nutmeg, the paprika, a dash of maggi and salt and pepper.

Stir well until it becomes a nice mixture.

The dough slices now have been thawed. Place a little of the mince mixture on each slice of puff pastry. Roll into a sandwich.

Use a very small amount of soy milk (almond or coconut is not suitable) to “glaze” your sandwiches (I use the back of a spoon). This way they get a nice golden yellow color in the oven. You won’t taste it.

Bake the rolls in 20 minutes.