Our cheerful Pascalle has been the whirlwind of the company for 21 years already. With her big smile Pascalle walks around the building and makes sure that everything in the office and canteen looks neat and clean. Our coffee- and tealovers can not live without her; Pascalle always makes sure their favorite flavour is in stock and there are enough clean cups in the cupboard. In between the hard work, there is always time for smalltalk with everyone. She is always busy: the one moment you see her in the factory and the other moment she is in the office. You can not start your day at Vegafit with more fun than with the big smile of Pascalle! Because who does not like this?

Pascalle enjoys working at Vegafit a lot, she loves her varied job and the contact she has wit hall her colleagues. Pascalle chose to take a picture with traditional Dutch applepie, she loves it. Extra yummy with a cup of coffee!