Foto MarkMark has been our Product Developer for almost 3 years. As a true Brabander (province in The Netherlands), in addition to the soft g, Mark also takes the typical cheerfulness with him. He gets up before dawn and travels to Deventer to greet everyone who comes to say leave at the end of the day with a cheerful “Houdoe!”.

After gaining a lot of experience in the food world, the market for plantbased products is the most challenging for him; there is still so much to develop and so he does. Every day there is another list of new product development projects and before you know it, a new product rolls off the line.

In addition to developing and optimizing products, Mark also uses other talents at Vegafit; he is also an in-house emergency response officer, Event Transporter and Photographer ;-). We are particularly pleased with the latter, because otherwise all our beautiful snapshots of our colleagues would not have been there.

On the picture he shows his favorite salad component: delicious with some olive oil and basil, in his Italian style.