Malte is our youngest employee in Sales! Malte is Key Account Manager for foodservice Consumers. He also tries to offer our delicious products to wholesalers, so you can enjoy moreVegafit out of home.

Malte is on the road for many days and sells Vegafit at food bars, canteens or, for example, at the university! Maybe you have already eaten a delicious vegan burger with our products, without even knowing.

Malte is not only fantastic in his job, but also a very talented athlete. He is a marathon runner, likes to climb and often he also does Stand Up Paddling on the Hamburger Alster (river in Germany). Also, our Malte is a fan of the HSV (Hamburger football club).

Both private and work, he is a veggie expert who likes to try new products and dishes and cooks them himself. His colleagues always get to enjoy the latest pictures of his veggie meals.