Foto JorisJoris is the Packaging Team Leader at Vegafit.

As Packaging Team Leader, he keeps many (vegan) balls in the air at the same time; he is the one who must keep an overview, provide guidance and support the team where necessary. Every day, he ensures that all Vegafit products are packaged correctly. The packaging of products may seem much the same, but every day is different at Vegafit. What Joris likes most about his work is that he packs a great product together with a nice and hard-working team.

In his spare time, he plays the guitar or enjoys all kinds of specialty beers, or both at the same time. 😉

He goes nuts for a bottle of beer, but he also loves himself a good butternut squash! You can use it in all kinds of dishes: delicious with a pasta, curry or soup, nice and autumny!