Vegafit available in biodegradable packaging

Plantbased product in plantbased packaging

At Vegafit, we make sure that our environmental footprint is as small as possible. Not only by producing vegan and vegetarian products. We also have been working on sustainable packaging.
In Ireland and Germany, our products are now available in biodegradable packaging made from renewable, plant-derived material (sugarcane). This tray is 100% plastic-free. From our consumer research we found that 71% of the buyers would like to have a sustainable packaging solution and we acted on that finding.

The benefits are great, the 6 major benefits are:

  • the packaging is made from renewable resources, moving away from fossil fuels (oil)
  • production costs up to 60% less CO¬≤ emissions
  • supports the fight against the worldwide problem of plastic soup
  • no deforestation is needed to produce this packaging
  • the packaging is made of GMO-free sugarcane

And this is not all, wait until you try the content of the packaging, you’ll be surprised!

Vegafit products in a biodegradable tray are available at your selected Dunnes Stores.