Why choose Vegafit?

Vegafit products are 100% plantbased and with that friendly for human, animal and environment! Enjoy delicious and responsible with our products.

In the UK more and more people now identify as flexitarians, they consciously eat no meat one to two days a week and choose plantbased alternatives. Our range is very extensive and consists of tasty products for a broad audience. Varying from schnitzels and nuggets to quinoa- and algaeburgers. Because our range does not contain any animal proteins, all products are not only suitable for flexitarians and vegetarians, but also for vegans.



The production location

Vegafit is specialized in the production of plantbased products.

Our production site in Deventer (The Netherlands) is SKAL and IFS higher level certified. We supply (organic) vegan products to foodservice and retail. In addition to standard products, you can come to us for tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our traditional production process, we can make specific products according to your own recipe and ingredients.