5 Tips for a plantbased Christmas menu

Christmas: the celebration of conviviality and of course tasty (and much!) food. At Christmas you may not think of plantbased food, but rather large pieces of meat, fish and a lot of cream, cheese and butter. Fortunately, there are enough options to serve a delicious, partially or fully plantbased Christmas dinner. You will also see that you come with more creative dishes and that it often looks more colorful. Surprise your family or friends with plantbased!

Do you find it difficult to eat plantbased food at Christmas and you do not know exactly what you want to cook? Then quickly read our 5 tips for a plantastic Christmas:

1. Cook your favourite Christmas dish, but then vegan

Think of the Christmas dish you used to eat when you were young. Chances are it is a meat dish, but no worries! Chances are even bigger that this dish is too easy to “veganize”. 😉 For example, replace the meat with nuts, mushrooms or meat substitutes or take a large vegetable (such as a pumpkin) and fill it with a mixture of grains, nuts, spices and top with a nice sauce.

2. Cook something that you and your friends and family have never eaten before

For example, take a look at the recipes of Yotam Ottolenghi, a famous Israeli chef, who makes many vegetarian and vegan vegetable dishes. These dishes often have a long list of ingredients, but don’t be put off by this. The recipes are therefore fuller in taste and very creative. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take the time to try a special plantbased dish.

3. Get inspiration through Pinterest

Search Pinterest for “Vegan Christmas recipes” or “Vegan Christmas” and feast your eyes on all the beautiful dishes.¬†You can scroll for hours through all the recipes that you come across here. Usually the recipe is just there, so you can get started right away.

4. Use seasonal vegetables and fruit

Pumpkin, parsnip, sweet potato, mushrooms, celeriac, brussels sprouts, carrots, kohlrabi; all at their best in the winter and these vegetables are also delicious when roasted. All you have to do is cut them into pieces, add herbs and put them in the oven or airfryer. Then you can watch nice cheesy Christmas movies for the rest of the day. 😊 For dinner or dessert, consider winter fruit such as pear (stewed pears, mmm!), mandarin or pomegranate.

5. Don’t feel like spending hours in the kitchen for Christmas? Then choose one of our easy-to-cook plantbased Christmas recipes below, success guaranteed!













Mini burgers with home-made BBQ-sauce

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Balls with pepper cream sauce

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Main course











Vegan “beef” wellington with mushrooms

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